Hell in India (Republished)

My teacher once said,"You know what...India is like hell,"We just got stabbed.The Malay girl in my left opposites,represents our voices,automatically asked,"And why it is?"My teacher slowly put back his markers,and started again."I have a bloody bad experience about this.You know, every single year we have to flight off to India for our ritual prayers. So, I need to go to India to finish up my prayers there for a couple of days and come back then.Its similar to Hajj.In order to go there,I have to prepare myself from my home.By barefooted."You want to know our expression?What the $#@!? That girl is really curious,"Are you serious?All the way from your home to the KLIA Airport?"My teacher nodded,"Yup,exactly,"She then react,"Oh my god!"But I didn't too overeact.I want to hear more.
        My teacher continued,"Well that is just a little.I went there by team,so my life has been controlled for days.I'm arrived there,at the southern India and stayed in the hotel.But do you know,the Indian hotels are not as American hotels,five stars or six stars.Neither of them have stars!"We shocked.What it is supposed to mean?"

When I want to take a bath early in the morning,its really harmony,I soaped all over my body,and at that time I want to open the shower,the water amazingly did not raining down.Damn it.I shouted in that bathroom,WHERE THE HELL IS WATER!!? We laughed. "And then someone came, maybe he heard my sick voice, shouted to me back,"You have to wait mister,"With my eyes fully covered with the pain soap,I replied,"Okay..I'll wait then. But better be fast."I wait.I wait.I wait.You know how long I wait for it?"We look each other."How long?"My teacher took a deep breathe and answered,"I took an hour to get my body washed.I was like..well, asleep due to that stupid particular thing. It is not just about that,when I want to go to the toilet, I opened the toilet door and ...thats it.My stomach is so fine now,I didn't need to go to the toilet already.You know what I mean,oh my,their toilets are even more sucks then the water crisis before."

      "Their foods and restaurants are also not great as well as our country.They use different oil than ours did.You know,they have a big rounded plates,for an about four times bigger than ours,one of their single person can eat that big rounded plate full of rice.What the $#@!? We cannot afford that. "My whole entire weeks is all about instant noodle.Nothing else.One day,I went to some restaurants,I order to the waiter,I want to have a toasted bread.But then,the waiter said,"Oh,I'm so sorry sir..If you want a toasted bread,then you have to wait for your turn."I was like,"What?What do you mean by that?"The waiter replied,"If you want the bread put the planta or jam,then you can have it..But for the toasted,you have to wait for a long time,"I stared a sec...What does he mean,you can just put the breads into the toaster and for a less than a minute...The breads already toasted.Or did he just put the bread in the wrong side?Instead of insert the breads vertically into the toaster,he insert it horizontally?Oh dear...This becoming more worst and worst.

        Then,on the way to the temple,we riding some bloody old bus.You have to know the Indian driver busses were lack of moral values and attitudes.In front of the road there is a round-a-bout.He wanted to turn right..You know what that driver did?He didn't turned his bus as other regular vehicles,he took a straight,shortcut across the road like innocent.India is not so true if they didnt have any accident.When he turned,there is a motorbike stopped nearby.In India,there is no divider road.So,my bus just impinged that motorbiker and he straight fell down to the trench and died on the spot.I think he is really really dumb. I know this may take a few minutes to reach there,so I took a nap for a while.

You also have to know,as our country is well-development country,our road have a dotted line each single lane.Three at least.But not in India.This country road does not have any line to separated the vehicles in a long queue.So the traffic is really overflowed.They surpassed each other,they didn't obey the rules,didn't have an ethics and they fully insanity.My bus once heading forward and suddenly the another bus from the opposites came.When the bus reach to my bus,we were stuck.I was having a nice nap,shocked when I saw the foreigner sleep beside  me when he is not in my bus.He snored quite a loud.India is not so true if they didn't honk over every single time.They keep honkering until..uh I have no idea when it will last.
        My advice is, the Malay girl interrupted all of a sudden ,"Don't go to India,"But my teacher said,"No,it is more than that.Don't go by team.They will controlled your life.Your life will suck very easily just because of them.I now realize it.I used to criticize my own country,they're like this,they're like that,lack of developed technology and many more.But when I was in India,I monologue,I am now fall in love with my own country(Malaysia).I always dream about it.Better love than never to your own country."

This article is based on true story of my classmates conversation with my Maths teacher about his experience in India.The most amusing thing is I recorded this piece of conversation with my head, meaning, I memorized it and type it at home. 13 December 2009.